New Delhi, 6 November (HS): The Delhi government has announced to give a big gift to its employees on Diwali. The government has decided to give a bonus of ?7,000 each to its 80,000 employees. Announcing the bonus on Monday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government will give this bonus to all Group B non-gazetted and Group C employees on Diwali.

Kejriwal said that this will double the happiness in the homes of employees during festivals. “Our employees have played a vital role in the excellent work done across all sectors, including education, health, infrastructure, and public services. As a government, we have always strived to improve the lives of our employees, and this effort will continue in the future as well.”

The Chief Minister said that at present, there are about 80 thousand Group B non-gazetted and Group C employees in the Delhi government. It will cost ?56 crore to give bonuses to all these employees.

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