India, UAE determined to work on green and developed future Modi

India, UAE determined to work on green and developed future Modi

In an interview with the prominent UAE newspaper Al-Ittihad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the joint commitment of India and the UAE towards building a green and developed future. Modi stressed the importance of a partnership in action, grounded in the capabilities of both nations working collaboratively to protect the environment.

Expressing hope for progress in addressing climatic challenges, Modi underlined the significance of COP-28, led by the UAE. He stated that while developing nations are not solely responsible for climate issues, they are prepared to actively contribute to resolving these global problems.

PM Modi arrived in Dubai late on Thursday to participate in the COP-28 summit. His schedule includes engagement in various sessions, including the inauguration, with his participation extending until Friday night. During these sessions, Modi will articulate India’s perspectives on climate issues and contribute to the technical discussions.

The Indian community in the UAE extended a warm welcome to Prime Minister Modi upon his arrival, reflecting the strong ties between the two nations.

Impact on MSMEs, Businesses in Green Technologies:

Prime Minister Modi’s emphasis on a green and developed future signals a potential boost for MSMEs and businesses in the green technology sector. The commitment to a partnership for environmental protection creates opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and sustainable solutions. MSMEs specializing in green technologies, renewable energy, and eco-friendly practices should explore avenues for participation in initiatives aimed at addressing climate challenges. This aligns with the global momentum toward sustainable development and presents opportunities for businesses to contribute to a greener and more resilient future.

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