SSP Udhampur Chairs SMAC Meeting for Enhanced Security Collaboration

SSP Udhampur Chairs SMAC Meeting for Enhanced Security Collaboration

Udhampur, 21 December (HS): SSP Udhampur, Joginder Singh-JKPS, spearheaded a Security Management and Advisory Committee (SMAC) meeting at DPL Udhampur, fostering collaboration among various security and intelligence agencies in the district. The meeting, attended by officers from Police, CAPF, and sister intelligence agencies, aimed at establishing a coordinated approach to address security challenges.

In attendance were key officers, including Varinder Datta Commandant STC BSF, Anwaar Ul Haq Addl. SP Udhampur, Lt. Col. Anant Bhagwat Hq 71 Sub Area, and other representatives. The discussions delved into the current security scenario, emphasizing joint strategies for efficient monitoring, surveillance, and social media vigilance to prevent communal tensions and ensure a peaceful environment.

SSP Udhampur highlighted upcoming events requiring synergy, urging officers to work collaboratively for effective on-ground response to any situation. The meeting concluded with a commitment to enhanced coordination and cooperation among all agencies.

Impact on MSMEs and Businesses: The collaborative efforts reflected in the SMAC meeting are pivotal for maintaining a secure environment in Udhampur. Businesses and MSMEs operating in the region stand to benefit from the joint strategies devised to counter security threats. A well-coordinated security approach enhances the overall stability of the district, providing a conducive atmosphere for business activities to flourish without disruptions. The commitment to better coordination ensures that the security apparatus is aligned, contributing to the overall resilience and safety of the business landscape in Udhampur.

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