Empowering Indian MSEs Since 1994: Laghu Udyog Bharati

Laghu Updyog Bharati Maharashtra: Supporting small industries since 1994, empowering local businesses to grow and thrive.

Laghu Updyog Bharati

Laghu Udyog Bharati is a dynamic all-India organization committed to empowering Micro and Small Industries since 1994. With a nationwide presence, we have a membership network covering 400+ districts and 250+ branches across India. Our mission is to uplift the MSE sector by addressing challenges and removing obstacles to its growth.

LUB Membership

Empowering Your Business

When you become a member of Laghu Udyog Bharati, you gain access to a wide range of valuable benefits:

Certificate of Origin: LUB authorized by the Indian Government for issuing non-preferential certificates. Essential for verifying goods’ origin in international trade.

Members Directory Access: All LUB members can access contact details of fellow members, facilitating networking and business connections.

Government Representation: LUB actively represents members on key government panels and committees, influencing decision-making in various sectors.