Govt cuts corporate tax rate to 22%, relief on buyback tax

The finance ministry lowered the corporate tax rate to 22% for firms that do not avail tax incentives. New manufacturing companies will have to pay an even lower corporate tax rate of 15% Listed companies announcing share buybacks before 5 July to be exempt from buyback tax New Delhi: The government on Friday cut corporate … Read more

MSME Sector Needs Out-Of-The-Box Thinking, Says Gadkari About Bharat Craft Platform

Bharat Craft is the government’s ecommerce platform modelled around the e-marketplace Nitin Gadkari earlier said the portal can bring about INR 10 Lakh Cr. turnover to MSME sector Amazon and Flipkart has also launched dedicated portals to sell Indian handicrafts India’s minister of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), Nitin Gadkari reportedly said that achieving … Read more

स्टीलबर्ड कंपनी काश्मीरमध्ये फॅक्ट्री उघडणार

नवी दल्लीः जम्मू-काश्मीरला विशेष राज्याचा दर्जा देणारे कलम ३७० रद्द करण्याचा निर्णय केंद्र सरकारने घेतल्यानंतर देशभरातून या निर्णयाचे स्वागत करण्यात येत आहे. या निर्णयानंतर जम्मू-काश्मीरमध्ये जमीन खरेदी करण्याला, व्यापार करण्याला इतर राज्यातील लोकांना परवानगी मिळणार आहे. आशियातील सर्वात मोठी हेल्मेट कंपनी स्टीलबर्ड हायटेकने जम्मू-काश्मीरमध्ये कारखाना उघडण्याची इच्छा बोलून दाखवली आहे. स्टीलबर्ड कंपनीने सरकारच्या या निर्णयाचे स्वागत … Read more

Cogoport Adds Refrigerated Shipping Services In Major Development For India’s Burgeoning Reefer Industry

Sogoport – India’s leading digital freight logistics business – has announced a major boost for shippers with the launch of refrigerated (reefer) cargo services to and from destinations across the globe. Customers requiring cold storage shipping can now compare rates and book reefer containers through a host of partner shipping lines on the Cogoport e-freight … Read more

‘महाउद्योग’ एमआयडीसीच्या व्यापारी मासिकाचे मुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांच्या हस्ते प्रकाशन

मुंबई : महाराष्ट्र औद्योगिक विकास महामंडळाच्या वतीने प्रगतीचा आढावा घेणारे व्यापारी वृत्तपत्र, ‘महाउद्योग’ याचे प्रकाशन मुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांच्या हस्ते करण्यात आले. यावेळी उद्योगमंत्री सुभाष देसाई, उद्योग विभागाचे अपर मुख्य सचिव सतिश गवई, मुख्यमंत्र्यांचे प्रधान सचिव भूषण गगराणी, महाराष्ट्र औद्योगिक विकास महामंडळाचे मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी डॉ. पी. अनबलगन, ऑरिकचे सह व्यवस्थापकीय संचालक गजानन पाटील उपस्थित … Read more

Raksha Mantri approves participation of private sector industries apart from OFBs and DPSUs for RM’s Awards for exellence

In a major boost to the ‘Make in India’ initiative in Defence and Aerospace sector, Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh accords approval to allow Private Sector industry compete with Ordnance Factories and Defence Public Sector Units (DPSUs) for the prestigious Raksha Mantri’s Awards for Excellence. This is a significant departure from the past wherein only … Read more

Lucknow to host Asia’s biggest arms show ‘DefExpo’ in February 2020

NEW DELHI: The Defence Ministry has selected Lucknow to conduct Asia’s biggest defence exhibition in 2020. The state capital of Uttar Pradesh will conduct the 11th DefExpo from February 5th to 8th next year. Making it official the Ministry of Defence on Sunday tweeted, “The 11th biennial edition of DefExpo India- 2020 is scheduled to … Read more

MSME credit jumps Rs 14.97 lakh crore in FY19; new portal in offing on lines of Amazon, Alibaba

Cabinet Minister Shri. Nitin Gadkari said that the government has decided to set-up a web portal within a month for products made by MSMEs similar to “what Alibaba has done to China’s growth and Amazon in the US.” Bank credit to MSME has risen from Rs 10.70 lakh crore during March 2017 end to Rs … Read more

Nearly half of India’s exports came from MSMEs in FY19, up from 7.5% in FY18

Share of exports of products related to India’s micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) during the year 2018-19 stood at 48.10 per cent as per the information from Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics. The jump in the share has been impressive from the preceding year (FY18) when MSME exports contributed only 7.5 per … Read more

India’s spatial development challenge needs attention

Will India’s growth remain concentrated in mega-cities or will it shift to secondary cities and small towns? For India, a faster pace of spatial development is vital to enable the country to take full advantage of its demographic dividend afforded by its young population. With 12 million people joining the country’s labour force every year, … Read more