Mumbai: A phenomenal address and an incredible interactive session was conducted by Hon’ble Finance Minister Shree. Piyush Goyal ji on Friday 8th February 2019 at International Convention Center, Bombay Stock Exchange.

Co-chaired by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shree. Devendra Phadnavis. Both the CM and the FM put forth the vision that this budget is the foundation for the tremendous growth of Indian economy in next 10 years

Calling the interim budget of 2019 as the most honest budget, the Finance Minister said, the formation of the Budget was not in view of the upcoming Lok-Sabha elections. “The budget was not election oriented, there were 100 things on the table. Issues of need and urgency could not wait further.” Said the Finance Minister.

Speaking on the elevated income tax bracket, Goyal ji noted that individuals with even up to 9-lac annual income can plan their investments and savings effectively leading to almost nil tax liability.

Minister said, since this was the interim budget there was not much scope for policy making. Even then the Rs. 6000 per year support to small farmers was a necessary step and a duty of the government towards farmers.

He also said that this interim budget reflects nation’s support for the policies and initiatives taken by this government. He noted that it is only through the hard work and support of every business player that this government is able to bring about a foundational change in the way businesses in this nation think and work.

Shri. Rajeev Kumar, Secretary, Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, said there are numerous steps taken by this govt. to enable financial institutions to support credit growth.

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