Vishal Rajemahadik

Be it a Lock Down due to COVID-19 or a complete shut down of activities due to the “Cyclone Nisarg”, the MSME sector has been braving the natural calamities it on its own. The lock down had been briefly lifted in the Green and Orange zones and the life was been built up again by these self motivated Entrepreneurs, this Cyclone Nisarga knocked at their doors. Not only is this second lock down very sensitive and dangerous, as compared to the COVID 19 lock down, but may also add to financial misery of the Industrialists. Though the Cyclone Nisarga would mark its attendance only for a couple of hours, its impact will be seen for days to come or even for months. Lets understand that West Bengal is yet to stand on its feet after been completely ravaged by the Cyclone Amphan!

The COVID 19 Lock Down is some thing that the Indians have faced after almost more than 150 years and, for around 70 plus days, still continuing. Add to this, weeks or months for the impact of Cyclone Nisarga to cede, the industrialist from the MSME sector continuous to bear the brunt, yet stand strong. This is the sector, which not only generates crores of jobs but also has a major share in the Indian Economy, but lies in deep trouble, as we read this. The factory owners are fighting battles at various levels like fear of virus spread, loss of life, paying salaries to their employees, fear of being out-casted by the society, fear of been bullied and harassed by anti-social attitude, keeping up pace with various government departments and now this Cyclone Nisarg.

“Uncertainty prevails even after almost 2 months of industry lockdown & we are locked again because of Cyclone Nisarg”, said Swapnil Kashikar, CEO, of Shreewire Process Technology Pvt Ltd. Staying positive and holding the fort, he added, “There in no momentum with logistical issues. Challenging times to be an Entrepreneur but we all have to maintain the Positive Outlook”!

A couple of tenured members from the industry were speculating the duration of this lock down as there might be a catastrophe, which may result in rebuilding the support system required for a factory set up. In case of transformer damage, there might be no electricity for a day. Sometimes it takes several hours to clear roads in case of uprooted trees or even in case of flash floods due to a heavy downpour.

Possibility of a factory been damaged due to cyclone cannot be ruled out. The roofs might fly away, the factory set up might get damaged or a fear of Electrocution is always there. All these factors, and many more, take around weeks or months for factories to start and employment to begin.

Government stepping in with prompt and apt resources would be the need of the hour once the damage done by Cyclone Nisarg has been assessed. Currently, the people driving the MSME sector are more worried towards their employees and are taking all the steps required to keep them safe and part of the family.


Image Courtesy – PIB Twitter Handle

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