November 29, 2022

“Celebrating the 10 Incredible years”
AVANTI AVANTI Infra Advisory LLP completed 10 years in June 2020.
Completing a Decade is a very important milestone in journey of any organization; passing through the ups and down,
savouring the accomplishments as well as the taste of failures.

In 2010, AVANTI’s journey began with 3 people sitting around in a small cubical office with the dream to create an
Organization that would cater to the strategic consulting and financial advisory requirements of the developers entering
infrastructure sector. With this initial focus, AVANTI made important contribution to a solar EPC projects company in negotiating EPC contracts with developers. AVANTI also contributed to independent power transmission developer company in winning two projects through international competitive bidding.

However, very early in this journey, we realized that there was a very large opportunity to provide the same strategic
consulting and financial advisory services to all entrepreneurs in SME sector.

In next few years, AVANTI worked with many SME companies and assisted them to prepare strategic growth plans as
well as tie up debt and equity funds. Over the years, AVANTI has handled proposals where the fund raised aggregated
to more than ₹100 Cr. While working with SME clients for strategic planning, we observed that the financial controlling in many SME required substantial strengthening. This became another business focus area for AVANTI. We developed further capabilities and started to offer service such as Outsourced CFO, Financial Controlling & Business Intelligence and Accounts

AVANTI has been successfully performing outsourced CFO role for an Indian Subsidiary of NYSE listed US company,
where the accounting function management by AVANTI has passed rigorous audit scrutiny from a big-4 audit firm for 3
consecutive years. We have been able to create an impressive list of clients where we have successfully streamlined
the accounts function and implemented a strong MIS reporting.

A few occasions also gave us an opportunity to learn from our actions. One such example was when AVANTI partnered
with a cloud-based ERP software provider and later realised that it faced many challenges in achieving client
satisfaction. We then moved on and have now become a sales & implementation partners of cloud-based accounting

On this of 10th Anniversary, I am deeply touched and overwhelmed. I remember the time when I started my career
journey with AVANTI (just a few months after formation back in 2010). These years were full of hardship, efforts,
determination and patience.

The year 2020 is notable for many reasons. On organization front, our two senior colleagues have assumed the role of
Partner in AVANTI. We are delighted that this opens up many opportunities for further growth of AVANTI in different
service areas. Disruption faced in the first few months of this year due to covid-19 has made our resolve even stronger that we will continue AVANTI’s onward journey to higher levels of excellence.

We pledge to continuously improve ourselves and continue to add maximum value to the entrepreneurs & organizations
who avail our services. We also pledge our commitment towards the communities we serve.

We are proud and thankful to our dedicated Team, Associate Consultants, our Valued Clients and all the people who
have been the part of AVANTI over these years. It’s a wonderfully proud moment to see our organization grow up to 10 years.
We thank everyone for their support and association during these 10 remarkable years !!!

IMP – This article has been shared by AVANTI Infra Advisory LLP.

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