Mumbai: “Laghu Udyog Bharati” (LUB), an organization dedicated to serving micro and small industries in India, has announced a new Survey Campaign called “Empowering MSMEs – (To March Towards One Trillion Dollar Economy)” in Mumbai. The survey covers eight key topics including subjects such as Banking & Finance, Industrial Land & Infrastructure, Pollution Control, Power Supply, Business Environment, Labor Issues, and Poor Grievance Mechanisms Related to Government‘LUB’ will conduct an outreach program through a survey to reach and instrument feedback from over 1,00,000 entrepreneurs, factory owners, and service providers to manufacturing industries across all regions and districts of Maharashtra. ‘LUB’ will analyze and share the results of the survey with the state government to address issues faced by businesses and provide solutions within an estimated turnaround time of 45 days.

‘LUB’ will share a survey QR code with registered participants via WhatsApp and emails. Interested individuals and organizations can also take the survey by scanning the code or accessing the form on LUB’s website. For maximum outreach, QR codes linking to the survey will be prominently displayed on banners positioned outside all industrial parks located in both MIDC and non-MIDC areas across the state of Maharashtra. Additionally, the QR codes will be posted on the main social media pages of LUB. This broad-based approach aims to distribute awareness of the survey opportunity to stakeholders throughout the region by leveraging multiple physical and digital channels. For the convenience of participants, the survey is available in both English and Marathi languages.

Shri. Ravindra Vaidya, President, of Maharashtra LUB said, “Maharashtra is a powerhouse for India’s economy and the largest contributor of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) businesses. It contributes more than 15% of India’s gross domestic product, 20% to industrial production, and 20% to Indian exports. Through this digital survey, we aim to assess data in real time and provide findings from the data within a 45-day time-frame for faster resolution of issues. This will help entrepreneurs and businesses quickly resolve problems categorically. This survey will provide a roadmap for this sector regarding ease of doing business, which will help accelerate growth. These findings will serve as a ready reference for relevant authorities to acknowledge problems and bring solutions. The data will demonstrate how successfully the portal has resolved issues for this industry with quick turnaround times.”

Shri. Bhushan Marde, General Secretary, Maharashtra LUB said, “Policy advocacy, policy intervention, implementation are the key issues that LUB focus to resolve. The thought process behind this survey is to address the industrial lag on the topics we have chosen and help entrepreneurs and business owners overcome the challenges. Trivial issues related to banking, acquiring land parcels for businesses, huge cost margins, delays in getting power connections, no quick resolutions from government authorities on complaints filed, etc. will be put under focus through this survey.

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