Nepal PM Dahal and PM Modi Anticipated to Confer During COP-28 in Dubai

Nepal PM Dahal and PM Modi Anticipated to Confer During COP-28 in Dubai

As the 28th session of the UN Convention on Climatic Changes, COP-28, unfolds in Dubai, there are expectations of an informal discussion between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Nepali counterpart Pushpakamal Dahal Prachand. PM Dahal departed for Dubai late on Wednesday to address COP-28 members on Saturday. In addition to his COP-28 engagements, Dahal is scheduled to speak at the Nepal-UAE Business Summit and connect with the Nepali community in the UAE. The possible meeting between PM Modi and Dahal is significant, hinting at discussions on climate coordination and potential collaborations between the two nations.

Impact on MSMEs, Businesses in the Region:

This diplomatic interaction holds implications for businesses and MSMEs in Nepal and India. Collaborative discussions between Prime Ministers Modi and Dahal during COP-28 may lead to enhanced cooperation in climate-related initiatives, potentially opening avenues for businesses involved in sustainable practices. The dialogue might lay the groundwork for joint efforts, influencing environmental policies and creating opportunities for businesses engaged in eco-friendly practices in both nations. Businesses in the region should stay attuned to potential developments resulting from this high-level meeting, as they could impact future collaborations and business strategies.

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