PM to address opening session of COP-28 summit tomorrow

PM to address opening session of COP-28 summit tomorrow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to depart for Dubai on Thursday evening to attend the COP-28 World Climate Action Summit. Expected to address the opening session, PM Modi will partake in three crucial events, co-hosting two alongside India’s global partners.

Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra highlighted the significance of climate finance in global environmental conservation efforts. India aims for COP-28 to establish a clear roadmap on climate finance. PM Modi will engage in three high-level programs, including the launch of the Green Credits Initiative jointly organized by India and the UAE. Additionally, he will participate in the launch of LeadIT 2.0, a collaborative initiative between India and Sweden. Another high-level event on “Transforming Climate Finance” hosted by the UAE, President of COP 28, will also feature PM Modi.

In addition to these engagements, PM Modi is set to hold bilateral meetings with counterparts on the summit’s sidelines, fostering diplomatic collaborations in the climate arena.

Impact on MSMEs, Businesses in the Region:

PM Modi’s participation in COP-28 and key climate initiatives underscores India’s commitment to global environmental stewardship. This commitment can influence policies and collaborations related to sustainable practices, potentially creating opportunities for MSMEs and businesses in the climate and clean energy sectors. As the summit unfolds, businesses should stay attuned to potential developments that could shape the future landscape of climate-related initiatives and impact their operations, strategies, and collaborations in these sectors.

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