CS for creating formal mechanism for regular interaction with industries

CS for creating formal mechanism for regular interaction with industries

ammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary, Atal Dulloo, recently conducted an introductory review meeting of the Industries and Commerce Department, focusing on assessing the department’s functioning and the effective implementation of the Industrial Policy in the Union Territory (UT). Key stakeholders, including the Commissioner Secretary, Industries & Commerce (I&C), and other department heads, participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, Chief Secretary Dulloo emphasized the need for establishing a formal mechanism to address and resolve concerns raised by industrialists. He recommended the creation of a structured platform for regular interaction and dialogue with industrial stakeholders. Periodic sittings of this forum in both divisions of the UT should be conducted, with the primary objective of advocating and advancing the interests of the industrial sector.

Recognizing the significance of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as the backbone of the industrial sector in Jammu and Kashmir, the Chief Secretary stressed the importance of providing comprehensive support to MSME units. He highlighted the need to elevate their status, fostering large-scale employment generation in the UT.

Chief Secretary Dulloo directed the department to establish timelines for the completion of work on new industrial estates and to monitor allotments consistently. He underscored the importance of the PM Vishwakarma scheme, designed to provide end-to-end support to marginal artisans and craftsmen. The scheme aims to offer assistance to applicants for registration, ensuring their inclusion on the portal.

The progress of Geographical Indication (GI) tagging for various products was also discussed during the meeting. Chief Secretary Dulloo instructed the department to expedite the necessary formalities for securing GI tagging for products in the pipeline. Additionally, he emphasized the need to increase the number of authorized users in a time-bound manner.

The Commissioner Secretary, I&C, shared updates on the department’s progress, noting that till October 2023, it has attracted investments totaling Rs 2079.76 crore in the UT. The meeting addressed various aspects, including the single window system, land development for industrial estates, utility availability, and the status of flagship programs monitored by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In conclusion, Chief Secretary Dulloo urged the department to maintain the momentum of development across different sectors, ensuring a hassle-free approach to meet stakeholders’ aspirations.

Impact on Industrial Development: The Chief Secretary’s proactive approach and focus on creating a formal mechanism for regular interaction with industrial stakeholders signify a commitment to streamlining communication and addressing concerns promptly. This emphasis on supporting MSMEs, timely operationalization of industrial units, and the promotion of schemes like PM Vishwakarma aims to enhance the overall industrial landscape in Jammu and Kashmir. The directives provided during the meeting can potentially contribute to the growth and sustainability of the industrial sector in the UT.

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