UP doctor murders his wife and two kids before committing suicide

UP doctor murders his wife and two kids before committing suicide

In a shocking and tragic incident in Rae Bareli, a doctor working at a Railway hospital allegedly committed a gruesome murder-suicide, claiming the lives of his wife and two children. Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (45), employed as an eye specialist at the Modern Rail Coach Factory Hospital, reportedly took the extreme step within the hospital complex, leaving the community in shock.

The victims include Singh’s wife Archana (40), son Aarav (4), and daughter Ariba (12), all residents of the doctor’s accommodation within the hospital premises. The distressing episode unfolded when concerned authorities received no response to phone calls made to the doctor’s family. Upon intervention, the police discovered the lifeless bodies behind a locked door late on Tuesday night.

Preliminary investigations suggest that Dr. Singh may have administered a medication to render his children unconscious before taking their lives. Both children succumbed to head injuries, while Singh was found hanging within the residence.

The Superintendent of Police, Alok Priyadarshi, revealed that the doctor’s mental state appears to have played a significant role in the tragic incident. Sources suggest that Singh was battling depression, adding a layer of complexity to the heartbreaking events.

Residents in the area reported that the family had not been seen for two days, heightening concerns about their well-being. The shocking nature of the crime has left the community grappling with the loss and the apparent distress faced by the doctor.

Impact on the Community:

The distressing incident has left the community in Rae Bareli in shock and mourning. Such tragic events often have a profound impact on the mental health and well-being of the local residents. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support, highlighting the need for accessible mental health resources within communities. Local authorities may need to address the aftermath of this tragedy, providing counseling and support services to those affected by the shocking turn of events.

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