Uttarakhand Global Inventors Summit 2023

Uttarakhand Global Inventors Summit 2023

Dehradun, 8 December (HS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a one-day visit to Dehradun on Friday to inaugurate the “Uttarakhand Global Inventors-2023” Summit at the Forest Research Institute (FRI). Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami extended a warm welcome to Modi, who landed at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) before proceeding to FRI to visit the Strong Uttarakhand Exhibition.

The Prime Minister is set to inaugurate projects worth ?44,000 crore, encompassing 16 initiatives related to the manufacturing and tourism sectors. As part of the summit, selected industrialists from the country will participate as eight key speakers. Over a thousand investors and delegates from across the country and the world are expected to attend, contributing to the theme of the summit, “Peace to Prosperity.”

Chief Minister Dhami expressed satisfaction with the completed preparations for the summit, which has achieved the state government’s targeted investment of ?2.5 lakh crore. The city has been adorned for the occasion, resembling a festive bride, reflecting the significance and grandeur of the Uttarakhand Global Inventors Summit 2023.

Impact on MSMEs and Businesses:

The inauguration of the Uttarakhand Global Inventors Summit 2023 by Prime Minister Modi signals a significant opportunity for MSMEs and businesses, particularly those involved in manufacturing and tourism sectors. The unveiling of projects worth ?44,000 crore indicates a substantial push for economic development and investment in the region.

MSMEs in the manufacturing sector may find potential collaborations, partnerships, and investment opportunities within the showcased projects. The summit’s focus on innovation and inventors suggests a conducive environment for businesses to showcase their capabilities, explore new ventures, and foster growth.

For businesses engaged in the tourism sector, the summit offers a platform to connect with stakeholders, explore investment prospects, and contribute to the development of Uttarakhand’s tourism infrastructure. The theme “Peace to Prosperity” aligns with the potential positive impact on the prosperity of the region’s businesses.

The participation of industrialists, key speakers, and a diverse group of investors and delegates creates an ecosystem for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. MSMEs should leverage this summit to position themselves for growth, tap into new opportunities, and contribute to the economic development of Uttarakhand.

As the summit unfolds, businesses can anticipate new initiatives, policies, and projects that may shape the economic landscape, presenting MSMEs with avenues for expansion, innovation, and sustained success. The Uttarakhand Global Inventors Summit serves as a catalyst for businesses to thrive in a dynamic and evolving business environment.

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