Union Civil Aviation Minister Announces Plans for Nine New Airports in Uttar Pradesh

Union Civil Aviation Minister Announces Plans for Nine New Airports in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, 11 Dec (HS): Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia announced on Monday that Uttar Pradesh is set to witness the construction of nine new airports within the next two years. During the Rajya Sabha Question Hour, Scindia emphasized the government’s commitment to enhancing civil aviation, citing significant progress in airport infrastructure under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Scindia shared that in the first 65 years of independence, only 74 airports were built, but the Modi administration has added 75 new airports, including greenfield airports, heliports, and waterdromes, in just nine years. He specifically addressed the aviation landscape in Uttar Pradesh, highlighting the construction of six airports in the state over the past 65 years and an additional three in the last nine years. The upcoming plan envisions the establishment of nine more airports in Uttar Pradesh over the next two years, bringing the total to 18.

Responding to a query about the Meerut airport, Scindia stated that Visual Flight Rating (VFR) operations with ATR aircraft can commence once the state government provides an additional 115 acres of land. He clarified that Meerut is an unlicensed airport chosen for development under the UDAN project for RCS flights, and operations will begin upon completion and licensing.

Impact on MSMEs and Businesses: The expansion of airport infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh presents promising opportunities for businesses, particularly in the aviation and tourism sectors. MSMEs involved in travel, hospitality, and related services should anticipate increased connectivity, potentially leading to enhanced business prospects and economic growth in the region. It is advisable for businesses to stay informed about the developments and explore collaborations as the aviation landscape evolves in Uttar Pradesh.

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