Modi schemes proved instrumental in enriching people: Kavinder

Modi schemes proved instrumental in enriching people: Kavinder

Jammu, 18 Dec (HS): Former Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader, Kavinder Gupta, emphasized the transformative impact of initiatives undertaken by the Central Government, led by PM Narendra Modi, in elevating the prosperity and well-being of the people. Speaking at the launch of Jan Samvad Abhiyan in Gandhi Nagar constituency, Gupta addressed a significant gathering to apprise them of the welfare schemes and accomplishments of the Modi Government over the past decade.

The Jan Samvad Abhiyan, initiated in October 2023, aims to familiarize citizens with the public welfare policies and programs of the Central Government. Gupta highlighted the success of the outreach program, covering approximately 90% of booths in Jammu and Kashmir. He noted the positive response received from both Jammu and Kashmir provinces, indicating satisfaction with the pro-people policies of the Modi Government.

The program covered specific wards and booths, with a focus on engaging with the local population, gathering feedback, and disseminating information about the achievements and policies of the Central Government. Gupta reiterated that Jan Samvad Abhiyan serves as an effective means to connect with people, receive authentic feedback, and communicate the government’s commitment to public welfare.

Other speakers at the program included district president Rekha Mahajan, Rajiv Charak, Aseem Gupta, Ankush Gupta, and several prominent party members.

Impact on MSMEs and Businesses: The Jan Samvad Abhiyan, by creating awareness about the government’s welfare schemes and initiatives, indirectly contributes to the economic ecosystem. As citizens become more informed about policies, it can lead to increased participation in government programs, potentially benefiting businesses and MSMEs involved in sectors aligned with these initiatives. Additionally, the positive sentiment generated by the outreach program may enhance consumer confidence, further impacting local businesses positively.

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