There is an inherent risk of using block-chain. Millions can be wiped out by a developer bug or hack attack. The network effect can diminish. Hence there must be safeguards against this in order to boost confidence in block chain.
One of the approaches of making block chain more secure is by combining block-chain layers at the operating system. The approach is further covered in the research paper “Novel method for handling Ethereum attack” authored by (M. Mansi, I. Makrant). The risk of block chain is mitigated by moving the items into the operating system.
Ideally developers need to solely focus on building decentralized applications and domain experts need to focus on their area of specialization. Currently however both developers and block-chain experts need to focus on block-chain related items like cybersecurity, distributed systems, cryptography and system programming. Hence movement of block-chain related items (layer2, layer 3) into the operating system helps make block-chain simple and secure.

By: Vishal Rajemahadik

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