Successful Drilling in Uttarkashi Tunnel: Final Pipe Installation Underway for Worker Rescue

Successful Drilling in Uttarkashi Tunnel: Final Pipe Installation Underway for Worker Rescue

The rescue operation to free workers trapped in Uttarakhand’s Silkyara tunnel is making significant progress, with the drilling completed and the last pipe being laid for the extraction process. Although a slight bend in the last three feet of the pipe caused a temporary setback, efforts are underway to rectify it. The successful insertion of the 800 mm pipe, aligning with the escape tunnel, is the final step before the anticipated rescue of 41 laborers.

The district administration has mobilized extensive preparations, positioning ambulances, medical teams, and support personnel outside the tunnel. With the drilling completed, hope is rising for a swift evacuation.

The American auger machine has successfully drilled 60 meters from the tunnel’s entry point, with the last 800 mm pipe currently being inserted. A Chinook helicopter and AIIMS hospital in Rishikesh are on standby for any airlift needs or medical emergencies.

Throughout the night, the dedicated rescue teams, including NDRF, SDRF, police, and paramedical personnel, braved extreme cold, standing guard outside the tunnel. Their efforts, bolstered by the Chief Minister’s presence in Uttarkashi, demonstrate a relentless commitment to bringing the trapped workers to safety.

Impact on MSMEs and Businesses:

The successful rescue operation in Uttarkashi holds significance for the local business landscape. As the community awaits the safe return of the trapped workers, businesses, especially those dependent on the labor force, anticipate a positive shift in operations. The return of these workers could alleviate potential disruptions in construction, manufacturing, and other sectors, contributing to the overall economic stability of the region.

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