Delhi, 15 December (H.S): On Thursday, Delhi Police apprehended the sixth accused, Lalit Jha, alleged to be the “mastermind” behind the Parliament security breach case. This development follows the court’s decision to remand four other accused – Manoranjan D, Sagar Sharma, Amol Shinde, and Neelam Devi – to seven days of police custody.

Although Delhi Police had requested a 15-day custodial interrogation for the accused, the defense counsel argued that two or three days would be sufficient. The accused individuals have been charged under the anti-terror law UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act) and relevant sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Delhi Police characterized the incident as a “well-planned attack” and invoked Sections 16 and 18 of UAPA related to terrorism and conspiracy for terrorism against the accused. They also revealed that the accused had custom-made shoes in Lucknow designed to conceal smoke canisters, a matter that requires further investigation. The Police intend to take the accused to Mumbai, Mysore, and Lucknow for additional inquiries.

It’s important to note that the incident occurred on the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament terror attack when two individuals leaped from the visitors’ gallery in Lok Sabha and discharged smoke canisters. Additionally, two other accused sprayed colored gas and chanted slogans outside the Parliament premises.

All four were promptly taken into police custody, while their accomplice, who provided them shelter, was detained later.

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