New Delhi, November 3 (HS): Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar said on Friday that India’s emergence as a leading global economy is a stabilising factor for global peace and harmony.

Addressing the Chanakya Raksha Samvad-2023 at the Manekshaw Centre, New Delhi, Dhankhar congratulated the Army for conceptualising this think tank to analyse contemporary challenges to global security and peace. He expressed confidence that the CDD will become an appropriate platform for in-depth analysis of security complexities in South Asia and the Indo-Pacific, ultimately paving the way for collective security solutions in the region.

Referring to India as the ‘land of work’ of some of the finest strategic and spiritual thinkers, the Vice President said that India is uniquely gifted with thousands of years of civilizational ethos. In line with the wisdom of Acharya Chanakya, who stressed the importance of nurturing one’s culture through weapons and scriptures to protect the nation, the Vice President described these words as relevant in a modern context.

He said that the strength of a nation is its most effective defence and deterrent. Leveraging the nation’s intellectual and economic strengths has become an aspect of strengthening the security environment. The Vice President said that today’s India is engaged in giving strength to such great aspirations by cherishing and following the principle of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

Regarding the ongoing crises in Ukraine and West Asia, the Vice President expressed concern that conflicts persist despite globalisation and economic interdependence. Dhankhar stressed the urgent need to explore innovative approaches to strengthen deterrence and revitalise diplomacy for more effective conflict resolution.

The Vice President said that national security today is a set of innumerable attributes and capabilities. He said different parts must come together to create a stronger power dynamic, and there is a need to find resolutions that can fit the current environment.

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