Ayodhya, November 13 (HS): As construction progresses swiftly on the grand temple at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya’s economic and infrastructural landscape is receiving a significant boost. Ramlala is set to be enshrined in his temple by January, marking a monumental milestone. Simultaneously, the city’s connectivity is being diligently enhanced, with the addition of a new four-lane road named Lakshman Path.

The development of Ayodhya’s connectivity network has been ongoing, with four-lane roads connecting various parts of Shri Ram’s city. The latest addition, Lakshman Path, takes its place alongside Ram Path, Bhakti Path, and Dharmapath. The Yogi government has meticulously devised a comprehensive action plan for the construction of Lakshman Path, named after Lord Shri Ram’s younger brother and Sheshavatar, Lakshman Ji.

According to District Magistrate Nitish Kumar, Lakshman Path will span from Guptarghat to Rajghat, offering a four-lane route to facilitate smoother transportation. The proposed path, approximately 12 kilometers long, runs parallel to the Udaya Harishchandra Ghat embankment. The embankment’s width, previously six meters, has been expanded to seven meters, while Lakshman Path has been designed with an 18-meter width for optimal connectivity.

The estimated cost for the construction of this alternative route is approximately Rs 200 crore, and it awaits government approval. Once approved, work on this significant project will commence promptly.

This development not only furthers Ayodhya’s infrastructural growth but also holds the potential to significantly contribute to its economic prosperity. The improved connectivity brought by Lakshman Path is expected to enhance trade, tourism, and investment opportunities, providing a substantial economic boost to the city amidst the historic construction of the Ram Temple.

Report by Abhishek Awasthi
Credit: Hindusthan Samachar

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