Varanasi, November 13 (HS): On the auspicious occasion of Govardhan Puja, the Yaduvanshi community, adorned with saffron turbans, organized a spectacular Govardhan Pujonotsav procession on the second day of the Diwali festival. The procession commenced from the main gate of Hathua Market in Chetganj on Monday afternoon, under the esteemed banner of the Govardhan Puja Committee. Former Member of Parliament, DP Yadav, had the honor of inaugurating the Shri Krishna-Balram Govardhan Pujanotsav procession. He was joined by committee chairman Vinod Yadav ‘Gappu,’ convener Kailash Yadav, co-convener Prakash Yadav, and engineer Ashok Yadav.

In the midst of the procession, young members of the society showcased the traditional Manari art, characterized by stick swinging, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of drums, creating a joyful and vibrant atmosphere. The procession featured eye-catching tableaux, artists dancing on vehicles, and depictions of Lord Krishna’s life. A striking tableau of Vishal Hanuman Ji from Chhattisgarh, representations of Shiva Parvati, Lord Balram, Shri Krishna, and a group of cowherd boys, along with the awe-inspiring Aghori portrayal of Lord Shankar Roop and Nandi, captivated onlookers.

Members of the Yadav community gathered in large numbers on both sides of the procession route to witness these impressive displays. A spectacular fireworks display preceded the procession as it made its way through Lahurabir, Piplani Katra, Kabirchaura, Maidagin, Visheshwarganj, Machhodari, and Prahlad Rajghat before reaching Govardhan Dham. At Khidkiya Ghat, the society members paid their respects to Govardhandhari.

To further enrich the cultural experience, artists portrayed enchanting tales of Lord Shri Krishna on a grand stage along the banks of the Ganga. The event will also host a meeting with distinguished guests, including Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav of the Allahabad High Court as the chief guest and Rajya Sabha member Dr. Sudha Yadav as the keynote speaker.

Prominent individuals from various fields of society will be honored with the ‘Govardhan Shri’ award during the meeting, recognizing their outstanding contributions.

Report by Abhishek Awasthi
Credit: Hindusthan Samachar

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