Patel Samaj, a pioneer in Community development of Tanzania

Patel Samaj, a pioneer in Community development of Tanzania

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), 28 November (H.S): Tanzania has been one of the preferred destinations for Indians for trade and commerce for many decades. Generations of Indians have been living in Tanzania for many decades now. Well-known and highly respected for its efficiency and hard work Indian diaspora has made great progress over the years. Obviously, the Indian Diaspora plays a key role in the socio-economic and cultural development of Tanzania.

Each community has contributed in its own way and strength. (Patel Brotherhood) Patel Samaj founded in 1929 is one of them. Located in a sprawling six-acre plot at Kisutu Road, the CBD of Dar es Salaam, it is one of the most important and significant community centres of Tanzania.

Harish Patel, the Chairman of (Patel Brotherhood) Patel Samaj spoke to Hindusthan Samachar News Agency about the activities of the organisation:

“(Patel Brotherhood) Patel Samaj is one of the oldest community-driven non-profit organizations serving the Patel community in Dar Es Salaam. Our main objective is to handle the cause of the overall development of the community members. We are engaged in the Hindu religious activities, sports and entertainment faculties to impart and upgrade the skills of the needy. Our members come from varied backgrounds. As of today, we have around 300 members…

…We also help the local Tanzanian community by offering a helping hand by restructuring the school buildings at various locations. Patel Samaj also provides support to the local hospital by way of serving food for the needy. Timely financial assistance to the cause of medical needs has made the lives of many beneficiaries better belonging to the local community. We also collaborate with other Indian diaspora organizations by way of supporting infrastructure and logistics on the occasion of Independence Day, and Children’s Day celebrations…

…Amongst all the religious activities our Navratri Celebration has been the talk of the town. It’s one of the extravagant, well-attended events over the years. The euphoria, the bonhomie, and the spirit of brotherhood come alive during the celebrations. And each year we make that extra effort to make it culturally diverse and contemporary. It’s an absolute showcase of the Indian tradition, culture and religious flavour in full flow…

…Imparting training for sports activities like Cricket, Badminton, and Table tennis to the talented kids of our community has yielded great results over the years. As a matter of fact, through all the activities that we are involved in (Patel brotherhood), Patel Samaj has been a harbinger of love, peace and progress. Together We Shall Win is an old adage. And we believe in this in Toto” said Harish Patel in conclusion.

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