India will develop with upliftment of poor, youth, women & farmers: PM

India will develop with upliftment of poor, youth, women & farmers: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that the development of India is intricately linked to the upliftment of its women, youth, farmers, and poor families, identifying them as the four essential pillars for the nation’s progress. During an interaction with beneficiaries of the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra, PM Modi emphasized the significance of these pillars, stating that they represent the big “castes” for him, and India’s development hinges on their rise.

The Prime Minister inaugurated the Pradhan Mantri Mahila Kisan Drone Centre and launched a program to increase the number of Jan Aushadhi centres from 10,000 to 25,000. PM Modi credited the success of the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra to the citizens’ faith in the government, highlighting its commitment to providing basic amenities and transforming bad governance into good governance. He praised the involvement of women in the yatra and encouraged youth to join the Mera Bharat campaign.

Reflecting on India’s invincibility and tireless spirit, PM Modi acknowledged the citizens’ decision to make India a developed nation. He emphasized the resolve for a developed India as not just his or any government’s but a collective determination to ensure inclusive development. The Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra aims to extend government schemes and benefits to those left behind, aligning with the objective of reaching every citizen.

PM Modi also announced the launch of Mahila Kisan Drone Centres, providing drones and training to 15,000 self-help groups for agriculture. The inauguration of the 10,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra was celebrated, with PM Modi expressing gratitude for the widespread affection and referring to these centres as ‘Modi’s medicine shops.’ The program to increase Jan Aushadhi Centres from 10,000 to 25,000 was highlighted as a step toward affordable healthcare, impacting the lives of the poor and middle class.

In conclusion, PM Modi’s commitment to inclusive development and initiatives for women empowerment and healthcare affordability marks a significant stride towards achieving a developed and harmonious India.

Impact on MSMEs, Businesses in the Region:

PM Modi’s emphasis on inclusive development, especially the upliftment of women, youth, farmers, and the poor, holds implications for businesses and MSMEs. Initiatives supporting affordable healthcare and women empowerment could create opportunities for businesses aligned with these goals. Additionally, the focus on inclusivity may influence policies and practices, shaping the socio-economic landscape. Businesses should stay attuned to developments and potential collaborations arising from these initiatives, ensuring alignment with evolving priorities for holistic national development.

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