All Aboard Second Vande Bharat Train - PM Modi to Inaugurate Varanasi-Delhi Route

All Aboard Second Vande Bharat Train - PM Modi to Inaugurate Varanasi-Delhi Route

Delhi, 18 December (H.S): Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to inaugurate the much-anticipated second Vande Bharat train, connecting Varanasi and New Delhi, on Monday. The inaugural run of this saffron-coloured train is set to commence from Varanasi to New Delhi at 2:15 pm, unveiling a host of new features.

The Northern Railway has disclosed that the second Vande Bharat train will offer enhanced passenger amenities, including onboard Wi-Fi infotainment, a GPS-based passenger information system, luxurious interiors, bio-vacuum toilets, and charging points conveniently located beneath every seat. The train is also equipped with an upgraded heat ventilation and air-conditioning system, incorporating UV lamps for germ-free air supply.

Operating six days a week, the train’s schedule excludes Tuesdays. It departs from Varanasi at 6:00 am, arriving at New Delhi at 2:05 pm. The return journey begins at 3:00 pm from New Delhi, reaching Varanasi at 11:00 pm. This new addition complements the first Vande Bharat train, connecting New Delhi and Varanasi, which runs on a similar schedule but excludes Thursdays.

The inauguration of the second saffron-coloured Vande Bharat train marks another milestone in the government’s commitment to modernizing rail travel and improving passenger experiences.

Impact on Travel and Connectivity: The introduction of the second Vande Bharat train signifies a positive impact on travel and connectivity between Varanasi and New Delhi. With advanced features and superior amenities, passengers can expect a comfortable and efficient journey. The enhanced connectivity will benefit commuters, business travelers, and tourists alike, contributing to improved regional mobility and promoting economic activities along the route. The government’s focus on upgrading rail infrastructure aligns with its vision to provide modern, efficient, and convenient transportation options for the public.

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