International Conference on Advanced Air Mobility Systems - ICAAMS

International Conference on Advanced Air Mobility Systems - ICAAMS

Bengaluru, 08 December (H.S): The inaugural session of the “International Conference on Advanced Air Mobility Systems (ICAAMS)” unfolded today at Airforce Station Yelahanka, representing a significant stride in the exploration and development of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) systems. The three-day event, a joint initiative by Vertical Flight Society (VFS) International and Rotary Wing Society of India (RWSI), serves as a vital platform for the exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts among researchers, designers, manufacturers, regulators, operators, and maintainers in the AAM sector.

Dr. Arvind Sinha, Vice President VFS Asia Australia and Chair of ICAAMS-1, highlighted the conference’s role in fostering innovation and joint development of AAM aircraft, emphasizing their purpose in providing Urban and Regional Air Mobility. AAM aircraft are specifically designed and operated to address challenges related to urban and regional travel congestion.

In his welcome address, Air Chief Marshal ACS Fali H Major (Retd) provided a comprehensive overview of the history and present status of Indian Aerospace and Aviation, setting the stage for the international collaboration and discussions that would follow during ICAAMS-1. The conference has drawn participants from various countries, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and India.

A significant announcement during the event was the initiation of a Joint Study on AAM by Melbourne University (Mel Uni) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Jason Monty of Melbourne University and SN Omkar of IISc revealed plans for collaborative research to explore AAM development, fostering ties between Australia and India in this domain.

The evening banquet at ICAAMS introduced the establishment of the VFS Asia Australia Awards, recognizing individuals in the region for their noteworthy contributions to Aerospace and Aviation, particularly in the field of Vertical Lift. Awardees from India, UAE, Thailand, and Australia were acknowledged for their outstanding work. Additionally, RWSI Lifetime Awards were conferred during the banquet.

The ICAAMS series is set to become an annual event, rotating across the Asia-Australian region. The next ten years’ schedule has been finalized, with ICAAMS-2 scheduled in Singapore from December 5-6, 2024, followed by events in Thailand and the UAE.

The collaborative efforts and support from Mike Hirschberg, VFS Director of Strategy, and Air Marshal AS Butola (Retd), the President of RWSI, were emphasized during their joint address, indicating the sustained commitment to AAM research and development.

The successful coordination and execution of the event, adhering to the program schedule, were acknowledged and appreciated, with Col Ananth Srinivas (Retd) receiving accolades for his role.

The transition of ICAAMS from India to Singapore, along with the handover of the Chair from Dr. Arvind Sinha to Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Deputy Chair, marked the conclusion of the conference’s Indian chapter, showcasing seamless collaboration and planning.

Mike Hirschberg of VFS HQs expressed his satisfaction, stating, “It has been a wonderful experience to see our VP Asia Australia Arvind Sinha and RWSI President A Butola work jointly and perfectly tuned.”

Airforce Station Yelahanka’s generous support as the venue for ICAAMS was acknowledged, with gratitude expressed to the present Station Commander, Air Cmdre Rohit Vijaydev. The event received valuable secretarial support from Kalpana Dhar, Betty Chen, and Rajat Misra.

Impact on MSMEs and Businesses:

The ICAAMS conference provides a unique platform for MSMEs and businesses operating in the aerospace, aviation, and AAM sectors to participate in collaborative research, share innovative ideas, and explore potential partnerships. As the AAM industry continues to evolve, MSMEs engaged in aircraft manufacturing, technology development, and related services stand to benefit from the international exposure and networking opportunities facilitated by ICAAMS.

The establishment of the VFS Asia Australia Awards introduces a recognition mechanism for individuals in the region, potentially opening avenues for MSMEs to showcase their expertise and capabilities. Businesses involved in vertical lift technologies and related innovations can leverage this recognition to enhance their visibility and credibility in the industry.

Furthermore, the collaborative efforts between academic institutions and the initiation of a Joint Study on AAM create possibilities for MSMEs to engage in research and development projects, contributing to the advancement of AAM technologies. The rotational nature of the ICAAMS series across the Asia-Australian region also presents MSMEs with opportunities to explore diverse markets and collaborations.

In summary, the ICAAMS conference has the potential to influence MSMEs positively by fostering collaboration, encouraging innovation, and providing a global platform for businesses to showcase their contributions to the evolving landscape of Advanced Air Mobility.

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